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December 2021 Leadership Minutes

Updated: Jan 11


December 15, 2021

PRESENT: Janice Anderson, Gail Birkett, Pierre Bonhomme, Allan Hoyle, Mary Lawlis, Nancy McKeraghan, Peter Mohen, Ian Thomson, Rev, Linda Wheler.

AGENDA: There was no official agenda for this meeting.

OPENING PRAYER: Rev. Linda led us in an opening prayer and devotion built around the importance of rituals; they are a blessing.

MOVED by Janice, seconded by Ian, that Gail Birkett be accepted as a member of the Leadership Council. Carried.

MOVED by Pierre, seconded by Gail, that Bruce Saunders be accepted as the new Property Chair. Carried.

HOLY MANNERS: Janice presented Trinity’s Holy Manners.

MOVED by Mary, seconded by Janice, that the volunteerism of AOTS to work with the Property Chair be accepted. Carried.

CONSENT AGENDA: MOVED by Pierre, seconded by Nancy, that the three distributed reports by approved. Carried.

MOVED by Janice, seconded by Pierre, that Julian Rodney Bodnaruk and Onyx Maximus Sirisavath be approved for baptism on December 5, 2021. Carried

MINISTER’S REPORT: No report was given and there were no questions to be answered.

M & P REPORT: Nancy updated on staffing.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Pierre presented the financial statements to the end of November. Rentals have been shut down until January. The M & S cheque and the refugee fund disbursement will be going out this month. MOVED by Nancy, seconded by Ian, that the report be approved. Carried.


  1. Coldest Night of the Year. Ian is willing to lead if the event is virtual, Janice will lead if it is in person.

  2. Omicron: The government is reacting in a precipitous manner and we will need to be responsive to the changes. Discussion around holding regular and special services took place with the decision to suspend discussion until there is further guidance from the government. Allan, Linda and Ian will meet on Monday to examine our options.

  3. Accident Reports: Question arose as to whether or not we require accident reports. There is a potential hazard around the platforms at the front, the steps cannot be distinguished from the wood. There needs to be tape laid to identify them. Mary will help Allan to put down the tape this week.

  4. AGM: The AGM should be held once again in March. Reports will need to be sent into the office. A full slate of nominees to fill the officer positions of Treasurer, Vice Chair and Secretary will be required.

Rev. Linda closed the meeting with prayer.


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