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Our Community of Faith

Trinity United Church in Newmarket is a Spirit-filled community of faith, gathering in worship, supported through prayer, continually drawing closer to God. 

About Us

A Place to Learn - Serve - Centre

Our Church is over 190 years old. Our thinking is not.

We're about equality, compassion, and exploration ... not dogma and rules. We celebrate God's goodness and beauty through friendship, music, prayer and inspiration. We seek to build a community that nurtures its members and encourages us to reach out to others. We are a respectful, welcoming, and caring family. We are blessed by an able staff and committed volunteers who help us to find new ways to serve and be served. We hope you might come and grow with us, that we might learn from one another and seek to follow in the way of Christ.

To find out more about the beliefs of the United Church of Canada, see UCC Beliefs.

About Us

Our Vision

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