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United Church of Canada

The United Church of Canada

The United Church of Canada is unique among churches in that it is the result of a "coming together" of different Christian denominations. It all started in 1925 through the union of the Presbyterian, Methodist and Congregational churches, a model well-suited to the young nation of Canada. Today, it is the largest Christian Protestant denomination in the country. Since the beginning, the United Church has grown to become a leader in social justice issues, working hard to make a difference helping the most vulnerable and disadvantaged in our communities, in Canada, and along side over 140 different partner organizations around the world.

Our Beliefs

The United Church believes that the presence of God is felt in many different ways. We recognize that there is room for interpretation when it comes to theology and doctrine. We acknowledge the Bible as a source of wisdom, inspiration and devotion and that Scripture can bring us closer to God. As Christians, Jesus is the way we have come to know God; however, we also believe that the Spirit of God is at work in the teachings and actions of many other faith communities.

Our religion celebrates and recognizes two key sacraments as a way to experience our faith more deeply: Baptism  and Communion . While it is certainly not a requirement for God's love, we offer Baptism as a rite of initiation into the Christian community. We celebrate Communion not only to remember Jesus’ last supper, but to experience Christ alive among us today. All who intend to lead a Christian life, together with their children, are invited to receive the bread and cup. For further details on the doctrines of our denomination that express the substance of our faith, please visit the United Church of Canada website.

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