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Job Postings

Order of Ministry

Community of Faith:        Trinity United Church, Newmarket
Position Title:                     Order of Ministry
Position Profile:                 Full Time
Vision Statement:             Trinity. Make a Difference. Together.
Values Statement:            We experience God through connection, worship and action.

Position Summary

Minister of Word, Sacrament and Pastoral Care.

As the Minister of Trinity United Church, you will lead, guide, and nurture Trinity to draw the circle wider through inclusivity, worship, respect for creation, and social justice.

While being responsible for supporting all aspects of the life and work of Trinity’s ministries, we envision a growth in church membership to reflect and engage the diverse population of Newmarket.

Ministry with Trinity United Church on Main Street in Newmarket will be founded on these principles:

  • welcoming innovative paths towards spiritual growth and worship;

  • creating an open and inclusive community of interconnectedness, right relationships and outreach;

  • focussing on growing the congregation.


The most recent Visioning Report is the framework within which Ministry will occur at Trinity.

Accountability and Support
The Minister of Word, Sacrament and Pastoral Care is accountable to Shining Waters Regional Council and to the Pastoral charge through the Ministry and Personnel Committee.  A direct liaison will be assigned by the Ministry and Personnel Committee to ensure free flowing, two directional support.

The Minister of Word, Sacrament and Pastoral Care works to assist the congregation to implement its Visioning Report and the Vision Implementation Report.


Worship: 40%

  • providing overall leadership in planning for the weekly Sunday worship service;

  • providing the sacraments of baptism and communion;

  • working in conjunction with others on the production of the weekly bulletin, PowerPoint presentation and live streaming services;

  • working cooperatively with the Music Director and other staff to encourage innovative and creative worship experiences appealing to all ages;

  • planning and leading the liturgy and preaching at the Sunday worship service on a regular basis; 

  • providing leadership for weddings, funerals, special services on other similar church occasions.


Congregational Development, Growth, Outreach and Social Justice: 20%

  • working closely with the Congregational Nurture and Development Team and the Worship and Faith Development Team in the: 

    • planning and implementation of Christian education programs for the congregation;

    • recruiting and nurturing lay leaders to implement programming;

    • ensuring that programs are in place to support Church growth, including those directed towards people under 40, young adults, youth and children;

    • liaising with those running children and youth programming, including Sunday services, to ensure faith development and program expansion, and to facilitate teacher training, as necessary;

    • encouraging and supporting the development and pursuit of community outreach and social justice;

    • providing leadership and direction for confirmation classes, as required;

    • working in conjunction with the appropriate committee to develop and implement Christian Development programs for adults in the congregation.


Leadership and Administration: 20% 

  • overseeing the Church Office and Administrative Assistants on a daily basis;

  • working closely and meeting regularly with the Chairperson of the Church Leadership Team;

  • attending all meetings of the Church Leadership Team;

  • attending the monthly meetings of the Worship and Faith Development and the Congregational Nurture and Development Teams;

  • acting as ex-officio member at other meetings, as required;

  • conducting staff meetings with all Church staff, including the Administrative Assistants, Custodians (if applicable) and the Music Director as schedules may permit;

  • working with staff and volunteers on administrative matters.


Pastoral Care: 10%

  • engaging with members of the congregation and others who are seeking spiritual connection;

  • ensuring leadership in pastoral care and caring ministry;

  • helping those needing emotional or spiritual support.

Greater Church: 10%

  • participating in Regional Council, and other United Church governing bodies, with the approval of the Ministry and Personnel Committee.


Note: It is recognized that responsibility time allotments by percentage may vary as demands on ministerial time change over the course of the year.


Candidate Attributes

Leadership Competencies

  • having an inclusive approach to leadership that encourages and builds relationships, and engages the talents and gifts of others so as to involve them in the vision, values and life of the church; 

  • affirming and inviting congregational involvement in the life of the church (e.g., teams, clubs, music, spiritual growth, etc.);

  • providing dynamic, relevant spiritual leadership to ensure that Trinity continues to be a progressive, inclusive and life affirming community of faith;

  • supporting all leadership teams in their governance, discernment and visionary roles;

  • facilitating consensus and mediating as required among groups.


Knowledge, Skills, & Abilities

  • a visionary with excellent communication skills, relationship building skills, and ability to work collaboratively with staff, lay people and others;

  • demonstrated success with church growth;

  • equity, diversity and inclusivity training, competency and demonstrated effective practice;

  • creative and innovative use of technology including social media;

  • the ability to engage with, and inspire, people energetically and enthusiastically;

  • able to value, empathize, and respond to different congregational preferences and opinions regarding traditional as well as new approaches to worship; 

  • strong organizational skills; 

  • curious life-learner with a great sense of humour;

  • good listener who is approachable, personable, and empathetic.



  • Order of Ministry with the United Church of Canada;

  • a clean police vulnerable sector check;

  • the minister will avail themselves of opportunities for continuing education that align with Trinity’s Living Faith Story.

Youth & Community Outreach Coordinator

Community of Faith:    Trinity United Church, Newmarket

Position Title:                 Youth and Community Outreach Coordinator

Position Profile:             20 hours per week – permanent position

Our Vision Statement: Trinity. Make a Difference. Together.

Our Values Statement: We experience God through connection, worship and action.

Position Summary:                                                                                                      

As the Youth and Community Outreach Coordinator, you will work as part of a team consisting of: the Minister, Music Director, staff and volunteers to develop and implement programming for

those under 40 and the broader Newmarket community.

The purpose of this position is growth in church membership that reflects and engages the diverse population of Newmarket. We are focusing specifically on building strong connections with young adults, families, children and youth. 

The work of the Youth and Community Outreach Coordinator will be guided by the visioning reports of Trinity United Church and be in alignment with the Call and Vision of The United Church of Canada – respect, integrity, passion and diversity.

Accountability and Support

The Coordinator is accountable to the Trinity United Church Leadership Team through the Chair of the Ministry and Personnel Committee.


Programming for People Under 40                                                            (10 hours per week)

  • Provide leadership in the planning, development, and implementation of an overall innovative program that is engaging for young adults, children, youth and young families

  • Recruit, nurture and assist volunteers to design and implement programming for young adults, children, youth, and young families

  • Organize Sunday morning programming for children and youth

  • Assist with the planning and implementation of programming for the Kindness Club

Community Outreach                                                                                  (10 hours per week)

  • Work with the Minister to build relationships with, and programs for, the wider diverse Newmarket community

  • Optimize technology, including social media, to connect the congregation with the wider community

Leadership Skills and Abilities

  • An inclusive approach that encourages relationships with team members

  • Provides dynamic, relevant leadership in the two areas of responsibility outlined above

  • Facilitates consensus among group members

  • Proven ability to demonstrate diversity, equity and inclusivity values and training in all aspects of work and church life

Knowledge, Skills, & Abilities

  • Strong communication and relationship skills

  • Experience with program design and community outreach

  • Creative and innovative use of technology including social media

  • Effective organizational skills 

  • Good listener who is approachable, personable, and empathetic


  • There is an expectation that the successful candidate will participate in mandatory United Church of Canada training on equity and boundaries and other training, when requested

  • Has been baptized

  • Provides a level 2 police vulnerable sector check upon offer of employment

  • Access to transportation

Please email application, including resume, to Nancy McKeraghan via  Applications due by December 15, 2023.

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