Worship Moments September 9th

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

Hello Friends!

As always I hope you are keeping well, I am looking forward to seeing you soon (God willing!)

A lot of us have spent some time during this Covid season, waiting or at least slowing down I am sure. I am currently in quarantine because of my trip to England. And honestly, I find it very hard to slow down and not live life in the fast lane.

Does that resonate with anyone?

During Covid I think we have all been forced to do life slowly, we have all had free time, time that we didn't think we would have. For some people that may be a good thing, a time to catch up on the 'to-do' list, a time to enjoy with the people in your house, a time to reflect, maybe process or pray.

For others it may have been a real struggle, to not be busy, to not have places to go, people to see. And, maybe you are someone in the middle. I think I personally have days of both scenarios.

But, whichever you connect with more, I do think that there is something to be learnt from this time.

The idea of not 'rushing away' has played on my mind a lot recently. I, at times, have thought that I don't have a lot of time to spend with God, because of commitments or things that crop up and demand my attention. But, during Covid there has been a reoccurring thought, 'don't rush away.'

I see that as a little nudge from The Spirit. A reminder that my God wants to spend time with me and I shouldn't short-change him on that.

I can't confess that I have always been good at that, but during this season I can't hide from that. So this morning I would like to invite you to join me in a time of prayer/reflection before God. And I encourage you to stay a while, don't rush away for Him, He wants to spend time with you, His precious child!

Below is a meditation if that would help you, but you can also wait on Him in silence, in your favourite spot, anywhere, anytime.

This is something I am going to try and remember after Covid too, and I hope it helps you reconnect with your all-loving God.



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