Worship Moments - November 25

Dear Friends,

I hope you are doing well today.

Recently, I have taken to exploring the beautiful town of Newmarket on lunch walks. It's a place sadly that I do not know to well. Covid, has meant for me, like us all, many months of staying away from the places we love.

So while the weather permits, I have tried a little bit of exploration. There are so many things to love about this town. Sometimes for me, it is easy to feel a little like an outsider, not coming from anywhere around here. Newmarket, like many other towns shares the name with an English town, however they look vastly different and not a whole lot of similarities.

But, just a quick stroll down the highstreet and suddenly it doesn't feel all that different. Especially, with my favourite shop... "British Imports." (My boyfriend jokingly calls me his British Import.) As well as other local business owners who have English backgrounds. Sometimes, it's little things like that, that really make a place special to an import.

I wondered this morning if I could share some photos from my walks, and maybe you could do the same, and tell me a little reason why Newmarket is a special place to you.




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