Worship Moments May 28

Dear Friends, 

The recording I wanted to share with you today is of a song that all of you, no doubt, have heard. It is "Over the rainbow" from the Wizard of Oz, arranged by M. Hayes. Why, you may ask, would I make that choice, and what does it have to do with church?  The song, of course, can be analyzed on two different levels. Superficially, it is a mere fantasy-projection, where the singer imagines a place where transcendence and dreams are possible. Not to put St. Anselm's ontological spin on "Over the rainbow", but, in some sense, imagining the possibility of transcendence is what makes transcendence possible. In any case, it certainly wouldn't be possible if one couldn't imagine it. 

Of course, Dorothy, as she sings, realizes, that, even though she can dream of a proverbial land over the rainbow, it is Kansas where she, in fact, belongs. Having never been to Kansas, I cannot speak to the sadness of this apparently harrowing prospect, but this sense of melancholy speaks to self-awareness of the singer. It outlines a certain dichotomy between the place where the singer is and the place she would like to be. 

William and I have recorded this song a few weeks ago for his personal archive. Since then, William had accepted an offer of admission to the Voice Faculty at the University of Toronto. I found it both touching and appropriate that it should happen at Trinity. For those innocent of the rather harsh reality of the performing arts scene, this road is long and difficult, strewn with compromises and rejection. For me, this is a poignant reminder that Trinity remains a place where prayers are answered, and dreams do come true. I wanted to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart for being a community where this is possible!

I hope you enjoy! And I hope you are well these days! 

Vlad S. 

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