Worship Moments May 22

Hello Friends,

I hope you and your loved ones are all keeping well.

At the moment there are a series of videos circling the internet entitled "The Blessings." They are videos from a country or sometimes a group of countries singing the Aaronic Blessing over their land.

This started in England, and I was fille with a lot of joy to see christians (some of which I know) come together to sing a blessing over the nation. I was deeply moved by this video as Christianity in England is pretty small. However, over 120 churches from across the UK came together, united, to tell the people of the UK that God is with them.

Since then, Canada and many other countries have joined in creating their own "blessing' song over their respected nations.

I wish to encourage you today by sharing a few such videos. I hope you find as much comfort and reassurance that our God is in control and with us through every valley we walk through!



(There are many more than these 3, go to YouTube if you want to see more!)

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