Worship Moments May 14

Dear Friends, 

The recording I wanted to share with you today comes to us from 58 countries.

No doubt, you have seen the multiple long-distance recordings that have been circulating the web in the past few months. This format of performance did have a start, almost a decade ago, when the famous American composer Eric Whitacre had inaugurated his "virtual choirs". Admittedly, this video looks a bit cheesy, but that does not change the fact that the scale of these projects was truly monumental, and seemed to have a large humanistic vision at the core. 

For context, it usually takes about 4 hours of recording and editing to produce a single 5-minute audio track. This recording contains 8000 of such tracks. The scale of the work involved in this stuns the imagination. When we witness this enormous effort, let us contemplate what a transformative power technology has not only for idle distractions, but, indeed, for spiritual fulfillment. When we see the passing faces of singers performing alongside thousands of others, let us think about how many of them live completely alone.

The trope that technology brings people together is, at this point, an annoying truism. But, one advantage of truisms is that they have the benefit of being true. Another truism is that the capabilities with technology scale to a walloping effect. What stage could accommodate 8000 singers? What concert hall could host 2 million listeners? 

I find this to be a powerful reminder that, even in the deepest solitude, we can love our neighbor and the world. We can all be missionaries of Christ. We can all let our love be heard. This is a recording of a  "Fly to Paradise" by Eric Whitacre. 

Apologies about all the pathos, dear friends! I must be getting restless! :)  I hope you enjoy! And I hope you are well these days, 

Vlad S. 

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