Worship Moments May 11

We are all coming up to a significant anniversary:  8 weeks of isolation.  It has taken its toll.  For many of us, there is an underlying sense of loss, of absence and of loneliness.  It is hard for us to visit remotely, to see our loved ones on video calls and not in person, to be unable to share a hug, to provide support for those grieving, and to be the social people we are meant to be.

Where do we find solace and succour in this time?  I recently have been spending some more time in the garden, getting things ready and cleaning up, as happens every spring.  It is a reflective process this year. 

To see the buds on trees, flowers tentatively springing from the ground, rhubarb with leaves and chipmunks running rampant for peanuts.  Just to be able to be outside, whether in a garden or not, is invigorating.  To say hello to strangers, if at a distance, is reassuring.  For those isolated in small spaces, getting outside, if they are able, provides that perspective of regrowth, reinvention and, indeed, renewal.  It is the Easter message.

The Minister in Barometer Rising, Hugh MacLennan’s great novel about the Halifax explosion in 1917, had a unique way of saying ‘It came to pass’.  He added a comma:  ‘It came, to pass’.  This will not last.  We will emerge on the other side.  Have faith.  God will prevail.  We will rise again.

Here are Anne Murray, Rita MacNeill, The Rankins, The Men of the Deeps, and others.  Do enjoy.  We Rise Again.

Until we meet again.


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