Worship Moments March 30

I recently received an email from ministry consultant Margaret Marcuson. Margaret shared a letter she received from a reader, referencing a list of things done everyday to feed his spirit during this time of self-isolation.

Here’s his list:

To give thanks each day.

To enjoy humor each day.

To forgive those who wrong me. To accept forgiveness from those I have wronged. To hold no grudges, resentments, etc. To call, email, text, or visit by Facetime someone every day. To catch people doing something right (vs. wrong). To remember people in prayer. To focus on things I can control, not what I cannot. To take a walk or a bike ride every day. To enjoy good food and drink, (particularly a margarita at the end of the day.) then Margaret added her list Sing for at least 10 minutes a day. Stop at several points to notice what is right about my world. Focus on the moment instead of spiraling about the future. Limit my exposure to the news.

I was inspired to write a list too

To go outside for a daily walk

To spend time with Scripture and prayer

To watch the news once a day and NOT all day

To listen to music

To dance (it has been a while)

To call a friend

To have a daily Coffee and Chat with the Trinity family on Zoom

What would be on your list?

What do you do each day to nourish your spirit during this time?

On Saturday’s walk Rick and I saw these signs - They certainly brightened my day - What have you seen in your neighbourhood that made you smile? Please, send me photos of things that brighten your day - signs of joy and hope.



God of Grace

We give thanks for signs of hope and joy. Continue to open our eyes to joy-filled moments and acts of kindness.


Rev. Linda


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