Worship Moments March 25

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

This morning as I was lying in bed, repeatedly hitting the snooze button. I couldn’t decide if I wanted to hear the news, or if I’d rather avoid it.

It seems that for the last several days the only thing that has captured my attention has been conversations, news stories, video clips, social media feeds – all about COVID-19. I know this is important – and like many of you, I want to stay informed. It’s important to stay informed.

And yet as I lay there this morning pondering what the day would bring, I could hear something…The birds were singing. Not one or two – but several different voices, with a variety of songs – all outside my open window, wanting to be heard. Waiting to be noticed.

What beauty in the midst of challenge. What an inspiring gift of creation when we face uncertainty. For me it was a reminder of the constant presence of God – our God who invites us to notice the beauty and the wonder that is all around us.

In these days, what might you notice? Things that amuse, inspire, confound, challenge you - things that remind you of God’s loving presence?

Consider noticing:

Signs of new life as Spring is before us. The scent of the orange you eat for breakfast. The warmth of the sun even on a cold spring day. The wrinkles on your beloved’s face that are so endearing. The ways in which your toes move. The feel of your tongue against your teeth. The sound of laughter – your own mingled with someone else’s. The ways in which God is revealing God’s self to you today.

I trust that God will continue to reveal God’s self each day; in creation, in the love shared between people, in the ways we take time to notice the splendor that is around us. And in the noticing, may we express our gratitude for each new day.

Prayer: God of beauty, God who is all around us – thank you for this new day. Thank you for the many ways you will reveal yourself to us and that you bring healing to the deepest part of us. Help us to notice your presence. Help us to see goodness and hope and wonder. Help us to live in response to your love. Amen.


There is a Balm in Gilead

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