Worship Moments March 20

Hello Friends!

If I look outside my door into the garden, I can see chipmunks waking up. I saw a cardinal the other day, and the snow is melting rapidly (Hallelujah!) All things that I am grateful for. If I didn’t turn the news on, I could be mistaken for thinking that there is no virus.

I sometimes can get consumed with what’s going on and miss the things that are happening right in front of me, like the little blessings in the garden.

Life may look a little different for a little while, but something that has encouraged me is the kindness we are all sharing to each other. I have had countless emails from the Trinity family asking me how I am, and I am sure you have had emails and phone calls too. We may be isolated in person for now, but we are not separated.

We have the ability to talk, to text, to video and that keeps us strongly connected and loving one another. And something as small as a phone call can make a really big difference to someone who is lonely! Everytime I video chat with my Nana she has a big smile on her face and I know I have done something small that makes a big difference to her day. Can you do that?

Can you call your Grandparents? Can you video with your friends in another country? Can you send your parents a text and tell them you love them?

You are probably doing some of that already, and that is fantastic, because you are helping the world feel less isolated one call at a time!

I showed a video about kindness in Sunday school, the link is below. We may not be able to help everybody face-to-face right now, but we can be creative about how we reach out to people who are lonely.

And if you feel anxious or scared, as I sometimes too, reflect on these words and listen to Stand in Your Love (video below.)

“I won't be shaken, no, I won't be shaken. My fear doesn't stand a chance, when I stand in Your love”

I’m off to make cookies for my housemates to cheer them up!

Praying blessings on all of us!


Stand in your love

Kindness boomerang

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