Worship Moments June 4

Dear Friends, 

The recording I wanted to share with you is meant as a response to yet another predictable tragedy that had befallen humanity this week, and that is the death of George Floyd. After twenty centuries of Christianity, it is strange to have to face the fact that so many still struggle with the commandment not to kill. After twenty centuries of Christianity, so many still judge their neighbour by his group affiliation. How do we not see that judging others by their group identity will always lead to this? 

Dear friends, in times like these, we must proclaim the love of our neighbour as the only antidote to racism and hate. We must say that each person who had ever walked this earth has an immortal soul that we have no right to assail. Each of us lives with a knowledge of our own shortcomings, fragility, petty passions and big fears. This alone should make us love one another, and yet in the place of this large, human truth, we, time and time again, substitute a person's group affiliation. And we start judging it. It is hard for me to see how love of Christ is possible in such circumstances. Christ himself, surely, knew this, when he proclaimed the universality of his doctrine. The love of our neighbour, to be possible, must be absolute. 

The recording I wanted to share was made by the Stellenbosch University Choir, a group that had already made an appearance on our blog. The recording was made shortly after one of their own members fell victim to a hate crime. I find it to be as heart-breaking as it is necessary. This is "Let my love be heard" by Jake Runestad. 

I hope that the next time we speak, we will have a happier occasion for it. And, as always, I hope you are well these days. 

Vlad S. 

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