Worship Moments April 9

Hello Friends!

I hope you are all keeping well. I have a little challenge for you today...

Today I hope to help us all prepare for Easter, by think about the night that Jesus was betrayed and the night he instituted communion.

The Last Supper was a celebration of the Jewish festival "Passover." I have made a little video below explaining all about it. I would love for you to watch the video and join me by re-creating it yourself.

So competition time. Can you recreate the the Seder meal?

There will be a prize for the most creative... Once you have made your seder plate, please send me a photo or video to natalie@trinityuc.ca

The competition closes at 10am on Sunday 12th April, and the winner will be revealed at 11am during our Sunday School zoom!

Good luck!

(P.s You don't have to be a kid to join in!)


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