Worship Moments April 23

Dear Friends, 

The recordings I wanted to share with you today are inspired by folk material. Both come from the same album by a vocal ensemble called Voces8. We have already listened to a few of their recordings, which I find both excellent and timely. 

Often in these worship moments, I feel compelled to say something "profound" in order to make sense of what is happening, but one must resist this temptation every once in a while (not only because I rarely have anything profound to say, but also because reading too deeply into current events often it comes at the expense of the present moment).

This is why I love folk songs. They are peculiar in that they simultaneously make me nostalgic over a time I've never actually lived through and are richly rewarding in the present. In that lies their enduring power. The recordings we will listen to are not pure folks music, but heavily stylized homages that accommodate the 8-voice texture of the ensemble that performs them. The first recording we will listen to is "The Road Home". 

The second is a folk-inspired setting of the poem called "The long road" by the Latvian composer Eriks Esenvalds (1977-). The text is as follows: 

I love you night and day

As a star in the distant sky.

And I mourn for this one thing alone

That to love, our lifetime was so short.

A long road to heaven’s shining meadow

And never could I reach its end.

But a longer road leads to your heart

Which to me seems distant as a star.

High above the arch of heaven bends

And light so clear is falling.

Like a flow’ring tree the world is blooming.

Overwhelmed, my heart both cries and laughs.

As always, hope you enjoy! And hope you are well these days, 

Vlad S. 

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