Worship Moments April 21

I've been a devoted reader of news and current events for many years, but as we mark the one-month point of mandated self-isolation, I realize I've come to fear the news.  It seems like it's all-Covid-19-all-the-time. Not much in the way of positivity; precious little to feel optimistic about at this stage.  To help fend off the anxiety and despair, I went searching for information that was more upbeat.  It didn't take long before I came across the Good News Network (goodnewsnetwork.org), a website that compiles positive stories from around the world.  

There are over 20,000 pieces in its archives categorized under headings like Inspiring, Heroes, Good Earth, Laughs, Kids, and Animals.  

One headline that caught my eye immediately was entitled, "Teens Launch Hotline for Isolated Seniors to Listen to Pre-Recorded Jokes, Stories, and Messages of Hope".  I clicked on it and was proud to see that it was about a group of Canadian high school students (from Calgary) who created a free hotline: 1-877-JOY-4ALL to help comfort quarantined seniors and anyone who might need a little bit of joy.

To see God's goodness and hope reflected in acts of human kindness was just the inspiration I needed today.  Thank you, Jesus for leading me there and for allowing me to share it with my Trinity family and beyond.

Janice Anderson

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