Worship Moments April 17

I will give thanks to you,Lord, with all my heart;

I will tell of all your wonderful deeds. Psalm 9:1

As I write this I am feeling extremely grateful for many things. One such thing is healthcare. Healthcare that is free and easily accessible. I’ve visited countries, as you may have, where this is not the case. That may be as close as America and as far away as Africa. 

Today I was able to speak to a Doctor on the phone regarding a pain in my hand, within minutes of needing assistance. And within two hours, I had the medication I needed. Isn’t that just incredible!? I praised God. That even in the height of a pandemic that this type of treatment is readily available. 

To me, that is actually quite a humbling thought. A few years ago I was blessed to visit Kenya on a mission trip. During that trip I had the opportunity to give out AIDS medication to those who were in great need. One family I visited, lived on a mountain. We walked for maybe 2 hours to reach the house to deliver the medication. This house was so remote that one of the children that lived there had never seen a person with white skin before. So in order to get this medication these people relied on people bringing it to them as they were unable to walk down the mountain. 

It’s rather surreal to think about that experience now, and especially with all that is going on. It has made me quietly ponder at how blessed I really am. I don’t wish to say that this is an easy situation to be in, not at all. Just that it reminded me to count my blessings and be grateful. 

I wonder what you are grateful for today? Feel free to email me after a moment of reflection :) 


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