Worship Moment March 31

When times are good, be happy; but when times are bad, consider: God has made the one as well as the other; Therefore, one cannot discover anything about one’s future.Ecclesiastes 7:14

"Morning Has Broken", a hymn to give thanks for each day, written by Eleanor Farjeonin 1931

Dear Friends,

There is change ahead of us. What appears to be day after day of uncertainty and adversity, will conclude with a new day. What will take us there is the talents gifted to us from God. What will take us there is for all of us to do our part, to contribute as designed by God.

In 1 Corinthians 12:7-31 we learn of our many gifts from God and how to use them; wisdom. knowledge, faith, the power to heal and of prophecy, and the skills of communication; each of us with our own talents, our own powers.

This passage exemplifies the Church as it functions today. In this moment, we are reminded that Church is not a building; Church is the people who join as the Body of Christ.

Our gifts from God are not for our own personal experience but intended to be shared for the common good. At Trinity we are blessed to have a strong foundation of knowledge, time and passion to serve as called. Trinity United Church is a union of many gifts and those talents continue to keep us connected and supporting one another within our family in faith and our greater Newmarket community, during this time of distancing.

Our reality is that we are a group of people focused on serving, thus we may feel that our own personal contributions are not enough at this time of legislated isolation. For some of us, the feelings of helplessness and feeling unproductive while so much is happening around us may be daunting. But know this; we are part of something much bigger. At this time, our body is functioning well in light of the appearance that we are faltering.

Trinity United Church is a great force in the Newmarket community, and there are many individuals who rely on Trinity for nourishment of body and spirit on a daily basis. How can we help them? We call on our gift of prayer and our power of faith. Inn from the Cold and Food Pantry are open and we support their work, financially and with daily prayer. We are continuing to worship together and invite others to join us. We are here and serving.

With each day that passes, there are new beginnings. Are these empty words in an attempt to comfort? Look around, what do you see? What do you hear?

People are going to work everyday to meet our basic life needs – food, shelter, and personal care. Our extend our deepest gratitude and respect for those who are taking care of us, we pray for them.

We have scientists, engineers, manufacturers, law makers and enforcers working together to problem solve and each day reporting new breakthroughs, we pray for them.

We have skies opening from decades of accumulated smog; birds are singing. Over time, these new understandings of how to live in harmony with our environment will become norms.

We have households shut-in together, sharing time that was scarce one month ago, and they are learning new ways to connect with their extended family and friends through technology. Over time, these new technologies will become enhanced and simplified and we will continue to use them.

All of the above are signs of a new day in the making. We are a Church and we continue to serve in light of these changing times.

Prayer: Lord, we trust in you and accept your plan for us; Help us to grow and renew in the light of this time of uncertainty; Teach us how to serve in these days and months ahead; Guide us in understanding what we must do; Lord, we embrace your love for us, and continue to work at overcoming any challenges before us, as we serve.


HYMN: Here I am Lord

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