Vlad's Musings (April 1st)

Dear Friends,

In recent weeks we have had to say "no" to coming together to worship, pray and make music. Although it is disheartening, it only reminds me how lucky I was to have been able to freely share music with all of you all these years. What a joy it has been!

There is no reason for this to stop! This little blog will be dedicated to bringing us together through our common love of art. In every post I will share a piece of music that I find meaningful, and I encourage all of you to share your own!

I'd like to start this blog by sharing two settings of the same text, written 400 years apart. The text in question is "O nata lux de lumine" (O light, born of light), and can be translated as follows: O light born of light, Jesus redeemer of the world, Gently consider your suppliants' Praises and prayers which they offer. You who once considered it right To be clothed in flesh for sinners, Grant us to be made limbs of your blessed body. Brighter than the sun in appearance, With clothes white as snow, On the mountain before worthy witnesses You appeared as creator. A prophet to your disciples, bringing together Old secrets with new, You gave to all men divinely To believe you are God. You the father's voice from heaven Called his own son, Whom we with faithful hearts Confess are heaven's king. Grant us, we pray, To shine with caring lives, That to the joys of heaven We may be carried by good deeds. We offer our praises to you, Eternal king of kings, God, Who are ruler, both three and one, Ruling for all ages.

I find this text very poignant, and hope you can forgive me including it in full length. The first setting of this was written by the English composer Thomas Tallis in the 16th century. The second setting was written by the American composer Morten Lauridsen in 1994. I hope you enjoy! Please feel free to comment or share your own music with me through this blog or by email!

Vlad S.

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