Fishing Tips Book Study


Start date May 22nd at 2pm

Last winter, a book study of Fishing Tips : How Curiosity Transformed a Community of Faith  by Rev. John Pentland was held in the Fellowship Room. 

Starting Friday, May 22nd a continued study will be offered  during the 2 p.m. coffee/chat time on Fridays on ZOOM.  Contact to request an invitation if you don’t have one already. How Hillhurst United Church communicates to their church family and outside community and their contemplative ministry program are topics not covered in the book.  Some tips, already studied, will be reviewed through the lens of what we’ve learned during the COVID pandemic.

The links to video resources are as follows:

To prepare ahead of time for the May 22nd ZOOM chat,  open the third link, click on “Click Here to View Recording” on the United in Learning webpage  and start viewing at 53 minutes on the time bar. It  continues to 1 hour – 33 minutes.  The topic will be communications. I may show clips from the video, but not the whole thing, so the assumption is that you’ve viewed it ahead of time and we can proceed with discussions.

Ian Thomson


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