Christmas Memories

My Dad would tell me stories of his childhood Christmases with warmth in his eyes and gratitude in his heart. My Dad grew up in Comber, a small town in Northern Ireland. He came from humble beginnings in a time when the world experienced rations and limited financial resources however you would never know it from the way he spoke about Christmas.

There were five children in his family, my dad being the middle child. On Christmas morning all five children would climb on their father’s back and go down the stairs together to discover the Christmas tree decorated and their stockings filled. He experienced so much joy opening his stocking, an apple, an orange some chocolate and maybe a penny. All that was needed to make the Christmas special.

When I was growing up Christmases continued to be special. On Christmas morning my Dad would go into the living room before the family to light up the Christmas tree. The special moment for my Dad was watching the delight in our eyes when we walked in and saw the Christmas tree decorated, with all the gifts under the tree and the stocking filled with treats and a special gift from Santa. Again, all that was needed to make Christmas special.

What about you, what are some of your Christmas memories that warm your heart? I would love to hear from you,

My hope for this Christmas is that we can share our stories, stories of our Christmases of the past and weave our stories together for our Advent and Christmas worships. I look forward to hearing from you.

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