Our Church is currently closed.


However, Worship Services and weekly activities continue online.

Update from March 3rd, below: 

To the Congregation of Trinity United


Your reopening Team has met frequently through our Pandemic shut down. Things are certainly happening at Trinity (Supper Program, rentals, visits, etc.). However, with cautions consideration of our congregation we are not yet open.


At our meeting this week, we discussed when we might be able to return to in-person worship. With our senior members in mid we weighed the concerns of:

  • The number of overall cases, which is still up to three times more than when we first closed the building;

  • The increasing potential of “variants” of the virus to infect people more quickly.


We are moving forward slowly and cautiously and have decided, with full support from our Leadership Team, to remain closed for the next month. The reopening Team will reconvene in mid-March to reassess the situation.


Thank you for your understanding and patience.


Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call one of us.


In faith, 


Reverend Linda Wheler                  Ian Thomsom, Vice Chair                 Allan Hoyle, Chair