LAMP (Lunch At My Place)

United Church

For several years now, Trinity has been preparing and serving a weekly fellowship meal for the community without payment, without judgement, and without question.

Who do we serve? We seat all who enter our doors. Every Tuesday, LAMP provides a hot, healthy lunch to the homeless, lonely, out of work ... generally the most vulnerable folk in our community.

When and Where? Meals are served at noon in Trinity Hall. Just come by the Park Avenue entrance and walk up the stairs to the left. The LAMP dining tables are set every Tuesday from September to June.

How? LAMP is funded solely on donations from our congregation and faithful members our local community. We are staffed by caring volunteers who work hard to create a welcoming atmosphere that is non-judgmental and non-threatening. Guests often pitch in when they can. LAMP is made possible by the good will of thoughtful donors, cheerful volunteers, and very appreciative guests.

What is on the menu? On LAMP Tuesdays, tasty and nutritious dishes are prepared in the church's kitchen in time for lunch. The main meal is carefully balanced to offer all the basic food groups, but some delightful extras and homemade treats are often included to spead a little cheer. Of course, we plan more festive meals for Christmas, Easter and other celebrations throughout the year.

How can you help? We can all be instruments of God's love in our community. If you would like to volunteer or make a donation to this powerful ministry of hospitality, phone or email the church office.